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We host regular events to keep the discussions going.

Browse below to gain a sense of our past events. The best way to learn about our upcoming events is to follow our Slack channel #product-nucleus.. or be invited (we post invites via other Slack channels and email, depending on the purpose of the event).

2020-06-03 / Squad achievement session#

For the fifth time Nucleus presented at the internal squad achievements session. It was packed full of achievements from the last 2 months. The presentation was split into 3 areas:

  • What have we done? Some of the highlights from the last two months including, the nsx-footer, ns-testimonial variants & date picker testing (and more).
  • What are we doing? We introduced the work we've been undertaking around Nucleus usage data, the 2 new Page types available in our documentation and discussed HTML prototype support.
  • What's next? On the horizon are functional journey patterns, redesigning the header and dedicating resource to helping teams implement the Nucleus.


2019-12-04 / Squad achievement session#

This was the second opportunity for the Nucleus team to present to the BG Home digital team. On this occasion we focused on celebrating the success the other teams are having using the design system.

In the first part of the presentation we covered:

  • The content of our newest release, including the new components now available.
  • Updated headline metrics showing the progress the everyone is making.
  • Examples of product journeys & guide pages reaping the benefits of Nucleus.
  • Different types of user testing that’s been conducted over the last 4 weeks using Nucleus as the basis of the design.
  • Success stories in our ways of working with other teams.
  • Finally, we finished the fist part with a preview of what’s coming in our next release.

As a bonus we introduced the team to the topic of systems thinking. This was intended to get the team thinking more about the ‘system’ aspect of a design system, and hopefully dispel the myth that it's all about design!

The final message was a nudge to get teams to think about how their requirements fit in with other products and journeys (i.e. as part of the system), and we provided some example questions they to use in order to be more 'system focused' when raising requests for change to the design system.

Squad achievements December.pdf [†]

2019-11-06 / Squad achievement session#

This was the first of the monthly Squad Achievements sessions. We gave a presentation to the whole UK home digital team. Focused on introducing what Nucleus is and why we have a design system as a company.

The presentation talked through the following points;

  • An introduction to the team and our roles.
  • We explained what a design system is, and more importantly what it’s not.
  • We talked through the main advantages of the design system including: efficiency, consistency, code quality and accessibility.
  • We then discussed how we make this happen as a team on a day to day basis.
  • We also highlighted the current pressure on the design community being the sole advocates of Nucleus in each team. We made the point that everyone in each team has a role to play.
  • Finishing off by congratulating everyone on how far we have come but reinforced the point that we still have a long way to go.

The audience had the opportunity to ask questions via slack after the event. We will add a link to the questions and our responses here as soon as they are up.

Squad achievements November.pdf [†]

2019-10-15 / A simpler, easy to use RFC template#

  • Nick introduced the latest Nucleus RFC [†] (Request for change) template.
    • What is the difference between our old RFC template and the new one.
    • Understanding - What is an RFC?
    • Listening to the feedback we've received to date.
    • Described how to create an RFC.
    • Showcased a few of our current RFCs and how these move across our Requests kanban board [†]
  • Dave shared experience of the Meter Read RFC workshop. [†]

RFC Improvement.pdf [†]

2019-09-24 / Drop in session#

  • The Nucleus team introduced the recently released ns-editorial component and <textarea> variant of the ns-inputter.
  • Yuri showed the team how to compress image sizes effectively, and shared a number of useful tools.
  • Charles shared the success of the meter read workshop, which will now provide the model for RFC discovery progression in the future.
    • Early in discovery all product teams who are affected by the new component will attend an early scope and roles & responsibilities workshop.
    • This will speed up the time taken to get from discovery to design.
  • Introduced Nucleus team plan to deliver bespoke product sessions.
    • These sessions are designed to increase enthusiasm around Nucleus adoption, and educate the product, engineering and test community on the Nucleus design system.

2019-09-17 / Drop in session#

  • This session was run as an open surgery session.
    • The Nucleus team were on hand to run through any questions, ideas or challenges faced by product teams.
  • Discussed deprioritising work on Calendar/ Date picker for now to progress meter read components and gather learning from this process.
  • Introduced the desire to do a full site wide audit of Nucleus component coverage.
    • Tom has already started this work with Nikki and will share it as the blueprint once complete.

2019-09-03 / Drop in session#

  • Yuri shared the progress of CTA variant [†]
    • Asked if anyone has any other examples of CTAs they can think of where there is a need for a button without an icon.
    • The possibilities of using other icons where an arrrow-left or arrow-right do not fit.
    • Next steps before deciding if we should proceed with CTA variant [†]:
      • Gurdish to share his concept design where a CTA took the user to a lower part of a page.
      • Catch up with Oli and Sathu around their "Find an address" journey.
      • Talk to Ed / Supriya and see if they can think of any examples.
  • Conversations around reworking the journey experience (not just lift and shift), and aligning similar journeys across teams.
  • Considering changing the behaviour of a journey, using progressive disclosure rather than scrolling down.
  • Sathu mentioned he and Oli raised RFCs for components known to appear across different journeys:
  • Adam mentioned he is working on Data grid [†] and would like input from other product teams to provide real data examples he could experiment with.

2019-08-13 / Digital Journey and Trade Show#

Highlights of our experience:

  • Some of our audience didn't yet know what Nucleus was, now they do.
  • During the 'innovate an idea with your favourite service' workshop. The Sexy Engineer won the funniest customer obsessed feature. (Congrats Adam, Oli, Sarah, Daryll, Maude 🏆)
  • Drew scored 6 out of 7 questions with a total score of 5,471 points in the Kahoot trade show quiz to come 2nd (behind Paul Roberts).
  • Sadly, Jon was knocked out of the first round of the Rock Paper Scissors world championship!

Nucleus trade show presentation 2019-08-13.pdf [†]

2019-08-06 / Welcome - Yuri & Kaidi#

  • Today Nucleus welcome both Kaidi and Yuri to the team.
  • We shared our Request for change kanban Github board.
  • Showcase the 'pre-alpha' Drag and drop page designer.
  • Launch our Gitbook documentation.
  • Share our latest release 1.1.4.

RFC Project Board [†]

Nucleus release 1.1.4

2019-07-30 / Drop in session#

  • OAM usability testing on Monday.
  • Feedback user testing by adding relevant pages to the RFC.
  • Testing in ember twiddle.
  • Setup Direct debit journey - twiddle.
  • Interested in developing using Nucleus.
  • Enhanced selection RFC.
  • Release soon.
  • Landmark variants.
  • Select drop down.
  • New Starters on boarding resources.
  • Rewards team touchpoint for article component.
  • Fredy suggested a Technical session.

2019-07-23 / Drop in session#

  • We are planning our roadmap / backlog and we are finding it difficult to plan what will and won’t be Nucleus and where we prioritise.
  • We have content heavy pages that we need to redesign using Nucleus components.
  • We’ve designed a new journey but unsure if a component can be used in this way.
  • Filling out an RFC is really difficult, is there a way to make it easier?
  • Where do we go for guidance and the best way to use Storybook?
  • What RFCs are currently in progress and who is leading on them?

2019-07-16 / Drop in session#

  • We are planning our roadmap / backlog and we are finding it difficult to plan what will and won’t be Nucleus and where we prioritise.
  • We have content heavy pages that we need to redesign using Nucleus components.
  • We’re writing content for Nucleus components but we’re unsure how much copy to include.
  • We’ve designed a new journey but unsure if a component can be used in this way.
  • What is an RFC (request for change) and how do I create one?
  • Filling out an RFC is really difficult, is there a way to make it easier?
  • We’re unsure where to go for guidance and the best way to use Storybook.

2019-07-09 / Update party what's going on?#

  • What the team is currently working on.
  • What's about to become available.
  • Current work supporting product teams.
  • RFC (request for change) in progress.

2019-07-02 / Nucleus Common Myths#

  • Dispel the common myths we’ve been hearing.
  • Answer any Nucleus related questions you may have!.

Common Myths.pdf [†]

2019-06-25 / Bring it home#

  • What we’ve learned from the homepage and what’s next.
  • How to create content for Nucleus components using templates (ns-landmark & ns-lockup).
  • Tools for a quick content sense check and Clockwork approval.

Bring it home Nucleus Session.pdf [†]

Creating content for the British Gas homepage.pdf [†]

2019-06-18 / Sketch Library what's new?#

  • Demo what is new in the Sketch Library.
  • Take a look at building a page using templates and guides.
  • BYOL (Bring your own laptop) so we can build pages together.

2019-06-11 / Release party 1.1.1 what's new?#

  • Showcase of our new components.
  • Discuss our vanilla first approach.
  • Stories from our recent collaborations.
  • Discuss your component questions.

2019-06-04 / You experience the web your way#

  • What’s graceful degradation about?.
  • Why some components appear differently on certain browsers?.
  • Why can’t we make everything look like the intended design?.
  • Answer any questions you may have.

You experience the web your way.pdf [†]

2019-05-21 / Speedy Nucleus CMS Page#

  • Who we are.
  • What are we talking about.
  • The personas.
  • Brand tips.
  • Design tips.
  • CMS & UAT tips.
  • Questions.

Nucleus CMS Presentation.pdf [†]

2019-05-14 / Accessibility#

  • Accessibility is a mindset.
  • Why is this important?.
  • Common problems.
  • Common myths.
  • Ongoing initiatives.
  • Three things you can do for accessibility.

Nucleus Session Accessibility.pdf [†]

2019-05-07 / Sketch, let's build a page#

  • Download and installation.
  • Let's build a page.
  • Issue / Bug raising.
  • Time for unanswered questions + Nucleus love.

2019-04-30 / Modular Scale#

{% embed url="" caption="" %}

  • Intro to modular scale.
  • How we've used this technique in our design system.

2019-04-23 / Foundations#

  • Intro to Nucleus foundations.
  • Accessibility in our design system.
  • Colour, typography, spacing and viewports.
  • Time for unanswered questions + Nucleus love.

2019-04-16 / Better, faster, stronger#

  • Intro to Nucleus Sessions & this topic.
  • Create a page quickly.
  • Page iterations and requesting changes.
  • Updates to the page + Stronger design system.
  • Time for unanswered questions + Nucleus love.

2019-04-09 / Storybook#

  • Intro to Sessions & this topic.
  • How to use it?.
  • Where to find it? What can you do with it?.
  • Why should I use it?.
  • Time for unanswered questions + Nucleus love.

2019-04-02 / Sketch Refresh#

  • Intro to Sessions and this topic.
  • Download and installation.
  • Introduction to structure.
  • Issue / Bug raising.
  • Time for unanswered questions + Nucleus love.

2019-03-07 / Accessibility roundtable#

  • Quick check-in on initiatives already going on (to be sure we're aware of them).
  • Discuss core reasons why and when our accessibility is lacking.
  • Collecting ideas on what kinds of actionable guidance would be needed, be it through Nucleus or otherwise.

Nucleus - Accessibility roundtable report - 190315.pdf [†]

2019-02-13 / CMS Hubpages workshop 2/2#

  • On-boarding a first set of teams and content managers.
  • Smoothing the way for updating hub pages to our latest visual identity.

Nucleus workshop CMS hubpages 20190213.pdf [†]

2019-02-07 / CMS Hubpages 1/2#

  • On-boarding a first set of teams and content managers.
  • Smoothing the way for updating hub pages to our latest visual identity.

Promoting a culture of collaboration

2018-12-13 / Community and Contributing workshop#

  • Understanding what community and contributing to Nucleus means to UX designers.
  • Co-creating first drafts of contribution processes.

[†] This can only be accessed from approved Github accounts, please make sure you are logged in to access.