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Working agreement

A set of working principles agreed between the teams using the Design System and the core Nucleus team.

We act as one design community#

As a design/UX community, we understand the context and decisions made before. We work collaboratively to evolve these as the context and needs change over time.

We prioritise in-person collaboration#

We recognise that working in person adds a layer of shared understanding and brings down silos. It helps us all work in similar ways so that we build empathy, visibility, and cross-learning.

We involve each other as early as possible#

We recognise that involving each other from the beginning on a piece of work prevents wasting time, leads to better outcomes, and delivers value to our customers faster.

We aim to improve continually#

Everything we create has a proven added value. We aim to better our customers' experience with every release.

We measure, capture, and celebrate the impact of our work#

We understand the outcome of the changes we make, so we can repeat successes and avoid mistakes in the future.

Everything we do is visible and available to all#

We aim to make everything understandable, and open to the community.

Everything we make is inclusive#

Everything we create is usable by anyone and leaves no one behind.

Every experience we create solves a problem#

Everything we do is linked to a user's need – a problem that has been identified and verified.

We have fun together!#

When possible, we meet for fun events such as hackathons, meetups, conferences or just a night out to get to know each other better.