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Ns-slot-picker is used to allow the user to select a time slot from one or more dates and time slots.

Ns-slot-picker is used any time you want a customer to select a time slot. This would typically be used for booking an appointment. It can display time slots for a single day or multiple days. It can be used on it's own or upfront before displaying ns-appointment-picker. It is also used in ns-appointment-picker.

Best practice#

๐Ÿ’š Do's๐Ÿ’” Don'ts
Use this when the customer needs to select a specific appointment slot from a known selection of datesUse this when there are many (more than 5) dates to choose from, use ns-appointment-picker
Use this to present a number of suitable slots upfront to a customer
Use this to help a customer find the soonest available appointment time when there is poor appointment availability


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Usage example#

Slot picker


headingstringโ€œโ€The heading of the slot picker.
slotdataarrayArray of objects representing dates.
changeDispatched when a specific slot is selected

Slot Data#

The slotData array should consist of objects containing a date property and a slots property.

date: String - eg. 2020-01-28 (28th January 2020) slots: Array of objects with a name and value property

const slots = [{
name: '9am to 12pm',
value: '0900-1200'
}, {
name: '10am to 2pm',
value: '1000-1400'
}, {
name: '12am to 5pm',
value: '1200-1700'
const slotData = [{ date: '2020-01-28', slots: slots }, { date: '2020-01-29', slots: slots }];

Component placement#

The ns-slot-picker component can be used in the following components:

Design Tokens

You can change the branded look and feel of the ns-slot-picker by modifying these options in the design tokens.

Read more about design tokens in our getting started guide.

  "fieldset-legend-typography": "action-regular",
  "radio-label-typography": "action-regular",
  "unavailable": {
    "date-typography": "action",
    "message-typography": "action-regular"


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