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The Roadblock is a page type used to inform a user that they have met a dead end and cannot continue with their original journey.


  • The Roadblock page type is there to present key information to a user when they reach an unexpected end to the task they were trying to complete.
  • This can be related to a problem with a service that their task requires - these are 400 client side errors or 500 internal server error pages.
  • The page should describe to the user what has happened and tell them how to fix it if possible.


Content guidance

Use the ns-landmark - lakeside type to display clear messaging.

The copy must be in plain English, and if possible help the user out of the situation by providing an actionable option.

You should not use:

  • Technical jargon like ‘form post error’, ‘unspecified error’ or ‘Severity code 3’
  • Humorous, informal language like ‘oops’
  • Negative language

If supporting information is needed, consider using ns-lockup or ns-editorial. This should not detract from the original purpose of the page.

Best practice

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