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The Stopgap is a page type used to provide customers with an interstitial loading or processing page.


  • The purpose of the Stopgap is to inform the customer that there is a temporary pause in their experience, whilst we action or process the information they have provided. It should be clear that this is the expected behaviour of the journey they are using.
  • This page type should provide a clear message to reassure the customer.
  • If possible, we should set their expectations by providing them with a realistic time frame of how long they are likely to have to wait.
  • If closing or refreshing their browser window will result in failure, we must convey this message clearly.


Content guidance

Use the ns-landmark - lakeside type to display clear messaging.

Include the ns-icon - loading within a <p slot="paragraph"> to provide visual feedback that their action is being processed.

The copy must be in plain English, and help the user understand what is happening.

You should not use:

  • Generic messaging such as ‘Loading’ or ‘Processing’
  • An unrealistic or dishonest time frame length
  • Include additional content that could encourage them to abandon this page and potentially result in failure

Best practice

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